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  • Collaborative Technology Ventures

    Innovation is open to all. Using technology as a tool to innovate, including building new ways to learn and to invent as entrepreneurs was a wish expressed by Oliver, a student at Children’s Garden Home in Nairobi, Kenya.
  • iLife Story....A Tale of Children

    This is a brief story of the process undertaken by two school communities in Zimbabwe whose students worked together in two teams to produce two videos to enter into an iLife competition in Southern Africa.
  • School Partnerships Reloaded

    The Zimbabwean sister schools, Kadyamadare Primary School in Juru and Harare International School in Harare entered a joint venture to create a movie for Apple's Southern Africa iLife competition.
The Power of Stories

I think that my worst fear in leaving Zimbabwe was that the 18-year partnership between the International School and Kadyamadare School would not survive the changes in personnel. That fear seems to reemerge at the oddest times, like now as I am trying to work at a distance on a non-profit. Over the last two decades, I worried when administrators changed at the village school. In reality, each new administrator and members of the School Development Committee embraced working together. New teachers and students at the International School found meaning and strength to fully participate. In hindsight, I think that my fear actually made me a careful observer. I did not take progress for granted. Constant feedback about the process helped us redirect ourselves. I did not fear failure. We reached that so many times! I think I feared that we would not find sustainable solutions that would cross our ...