Children’s Garden Students Complete Lego League in Their Temporary Stem Lab

To overcome the problem of Kenya’s online learning due to COVID, equipment was lent to Children’s Garden (CG) so that they could try to complete the City Shaper First Lego League Challenge.


Isaac Arabu, one of the original Twin School Tech Robotics Club participants 8 years ago, is now our main robotics trainer. He coached the students during the 7 weeks that they were given to reach all the goals of the City Shaper Challenge that was first cancelled in March, 2020, due to COVID. Even though the CG students were not able to meet with the ISK students this year, they were able to form a team with the STEM Lab equipment that was lent to them.

The team did amazingly well. They completed the 3 portions of the City Shaper Challenge and submitted vidoes of all their work that included:

  • One video of their best 2.5 minute attempt to solve as many of the robot missions for City Shaper;
  • 2 videos of their project, which was how to produce and use biogas in Kenya;
  • 1 video of how they worked with core values as a team.

See a 2.5 minute robot game. Although all students programmed the robots, only 2 students are allowed at the table.


Each student designs a robot to reach a mission.

Students explain how they used the borrowed equipment to worktogether in spite of the difficulties.