Our Villages Innovate Team!

We’re a family of folks who love bringing people together through a shared love of what’s new and fun!

Kathleen Chromicz

Kathleen has promoted partnerships between multicultural communities in Ghana, Zimbabwe, and Kenya to create equitable and sustainable technology education opportunities for over 29 of her 51 years in education. She loves to travel the African continent on roads that may not have been real roads!! She is passionate about opening authentic pathways for students of all ages and backgrounds to explore cultures, learn with each other, and embrace service as a way of life.

Kimberly Chromicz

Kim uses her MBA and social media skills to help move the Villages Innovate Advisory Council members toward reaching their goals. She loves Africa, its people, its animals, and its beauty. She’s got a keen eye for snagging tickets to Africa for herself and her husband, Aaron. She passionately embraces opportunities to connect with students of all backgrounds as they work in Villages Innovate technology projects that nurture and educate them.

Aaron Chromicz

Aaron loves building well-engineered robots, creating crazy complicated legos constructions, scuba diving, cooking, and taking long walks on the beach with his wife, Kim. He shares his mechanical engineering expertise to design more efficient robots with students in various partnerships. Having lived in Zimbabwe as a student, he appreciates the challenges and the joy of finding solutions that make the world a better place. Africa holds a special place in his heart.

Adam Chromicz

Adam is our techy and creative guy who loves to share his often quirky perspectives. He can also be the voice of reason. Adam loves to scuba dive all over the world with his wife, Kat, and has even bravely been his mom’s (Kathleen) diving buddy! Adam spent 6 years in school in Zimbabwe, embracing the local culture and interacting with local musicians. After university, he helped design the Painted Dog Conservancy in Hwange, Zimbabwe. He is still a techy guy with a crazy sense of humor!

Kathleen Chromicz *Kat

Kathleen (Kat) loves to travel with her husband, Adam. Also, having spent some university time in Tanzania, she embraces all cultures and environments. Kat always brings fresh perspectives to discussions about Villages Innovate projects. Her work with Saleforce makes her an organized team member who is able to effectively communicate, even remotely. We love her sense of humor!

Advisory Board

We’ve been working with these amazing young educators to champion technology education since 2014!  These are some of the young people who inspired the creation of the original Technology Club. They worked steadily towards planning and implementing a sustainable Service Learning Program that connects students of different economic and social backgrounds in pursuing solutions for a better world.

Stanley Kitili is one of the original Tech Club members. He is also one of the founding members of our Advisory Council. Stanley is now a Teaching Assistant in the Life-Centered Education department at the International School of Kenya.

Oliver Jack Lemoir is one of the original Tech Club members. He is also one of the founding members of our Advisory Council. Oliver is a Teaching Assistant for Grade 5 at the International School of Kenya.

Isaac Arabu is a member of our Advisory Council and one of our original Tech Team members. He is our resident robotics expert and mentors the up and coming Tech Team members.

Sharon Chebet is a member of our Advisory Council and one of our original Tech Team members. She mentors up and coming Tech Team members while continuing her education in Music.