Kadyamadare/Harare International School iLife project (2008-09)


  • When Apple introduced a film competition using their iLife program, we used decided to enter through our thriving twin school program. See what happened and how we did it.
  • The School Development Committee of the school and Members of Parliament for the village were always involved in the Twin School Program and projects.

Our Goals

  • The purpose of a Twin School Program is to nurture collaborative relationships and endeavors between International School students and rural school students and their village community.
  • When  Apple introduced a competition in 2009 for Southern Africa, challenging students to show ingenuity in using iMovie, we decided to make it a Twin School challenge.
  • Students from the rural and international schools connected with each other in meaningful ways, explore the iMovie application together, and address real real challenges.

The Steps We Took

  • Used a long-standing twin school relationship between a rural Zimbabwean School and an International school
  • Borrowed equipment and took turns meeting at HIS and Kadyamadare
  • Formed two inter-school teams to learn how to use computers, cameras, write a script, and use iMovie to create a video.
  • Solved electricity issues by bringing and setting up inverters and batteries.
  • Students created their iLife Stories that were submitted to Apple.

Results:  One of the teams won 1st Place for all of Southern Africa!

Click to Watch the iLife Story

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Our “iLife Story” documents some of the joy experienced throughout the journey of relationship-building that led to innovation and change, not only materially, but within our hearts and souls. Mutual compassion and perseverance built the incredible energy of change.

Our Next Steps:

  • Kathleen traveled to South Africa to receive the awards, computer, and ipods for the winning team.
  • We organized a community celebration at the rural school, showing the videos with our inverters for electricity for the projector.
  • We created another movie, “iLife Story” that described our journey during this project.
    • Our “iLife Story” is a brief tale of collaboration that bridged the language, economic, and cultural differences to give voice to two topics: “Growing Out of Poverty”, which won the competition, and “Twin School Programs” .


Latest Update:

  • We continue to share this movie and the process with other schools who want to know how to create twin school relationships and collaborative projects.

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