STEAM Lab Creation at Childrens Garden

  • The Pandemics pushed us to create innovative steps for our program. Our team was excited to build on our past partnership with Children’s Garden by expanding the existing computer lab with its own robotics kits since we were no longer able to meet face-to-face with International School of Kenya students.
  • Villages Innovate set up CG with kits, and the International School of Kenya contributed some used cabinets to store some of the supplies.
  • Students from each school collaborated on Zoom for ideas on programming and innovation projects.

What and How:

Because interest in these classes will far exceed our capacity in 2022, Villages Innovate will provide 6 more sets of robotics for the older group, tripling the number of students able to program robots in this age group.

  • A locking cabinet is needed for these supplies.
  • Finding a space where more students can be accommodated during the sessions after school and on weekends
  • Get a number of modern devices in the STEM lab that are compatible with the softwares used by the students e.g Ev3, Wedo (long term goal)

What and How

The Gift of a Lego WeDo set allows 5 students in the age 7-9 to learn programming and potentially participate in the FLL Junior Competition.

The Gift of one set each of the Lego  has opened the exploration of building, engineering and programming to the 4-10 age group.

Celebration of Success at Children’s Garden:  June 5, 2021

  • CG students, in the new setup, succeeded in building and programming robots to achieve the missions of the Lego Theme: ;
  • They took part in a virtual East African First Lego League this month, and were one of the only teams who completed the virtual competition. It was an incredibly challenging time for all schools in Kenya
  • Students at Children’s Garden have had setup assistance from Stanley Kitili  and Oliver Jack;
  • Training of students and new coaches was conducted by Isaac Arabu;
  • These young men have been part of the original program and are now leading and coaching in the program. They are also essential members of our Villages Innovate Advisory Council.
  • Students celebrated on June 05 at Children’s Garden!

  • Special thanks to Pamela Pappas and Heidi Laws from ISK.


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