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Childrens Garden and Story Xperiential with Pixar Professionals

Story Xperiential from Pixar partnered with Villages Innovate to give our students the opportunity to create story reels with guidance of Pixar Professionala. They provided scholarships for our students who are enjoying the challenge of creating captivating stories.

Our objective is for students to learn the processes of creating compelling stories through guidance from Pixar professionals. Students’ sketches visually shape the story, leading the viewer to explore the plot through character development, feel emotional connections, and embrace the story’s messages in a draft story reel.

What and How:

  • Story Xperiential provides an amazing platform that delivers live and video lessons, structured content to learn to create compelling stories, great feedback methods, and a platform for questions for peers, Pixar, and Story Xperiential.
  • Students participate in a weekly story-telling skill, and post their submission weekly.
  • Feedback is provided in the gallery for each week, in which peers give valuable feedback in a suggested constructive format.
  • Students learn to draw and sketch as they develop their character, the world, and the story plot.
  • Students create and revise draft story reels each week, showing their development of the next steps.
  • A Final Draft Submission is uploaded and students celebrate in an culminating session.
  • Students receive a certificate and a link to their work to share as they please.

These are some of the steps we took:

  • Wrote to Story Xperiential to request scholarships, and they so generously obliged;
  • Designated Isaac to be the physical facilitator at Childrens Garden, Kenya;
  • Ms. Chromicz would co-facilitate virtually from California;
  • Learned to use Google docs to organize ideas, get feedback, revise, communicate progress;
  • Learned to use Adobe Express to create the reels;
  • Learned how to give and receive effective feedback;
  • Wrote thank you to Story Xperiential.
Picture of Google Docs
Using Google Docs to track work, give feedback, and communicate

Draft Story Reel from Spring 2022

Some Results and Updates

  • Four youth teams and two adult teams completed the Story Xperiential Spring 22 Session;
  • Our facilitator at Childrens Garden, Isaac, did an amazing job;
  • One of the completed draft story reels is shown on this page;
  • Four students and one adult were given assistance to attend the Story Xperiential Summer 22 Session;
  • One experienced student is now training a student who will be new to the program;
  • Our model is to train each participant to be able to lead a new person or group.

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